Evidence-based approach for Children with Autism

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

For all communication disorders in children and adults

Speech-language Therapy

For children/adults with cochlear implants

Auditory Verbal Therapy

For Children with Autism & ADHD

Nutrition Program

Samvaad Therapy Centers

Samvaad Centers offer services in Speech Therapy, ABA, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition Therapy and counselling at all our centers. In children with difficulties in speech, early intervention provides the best results. We also provide therapy for adults with aphasia and other speech impairments.

Since 2002, Samvaad has been a pioneer and at the forefront of bringing the best practices worldwide to India. The founder, Radhika Poovayya, is the only Speech-language Pathologist in India, to graduate with a Master's in Behavior Analysis - certified by the United State's Board of Behavior Analysts.

Our centres are spread across multiple locations in Bangalore,with an international branch in Cambodia. Samvaad is where we make our best attempts to enable conversations with those around us who need us the most.

Professional therapy services you can choose from

Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA)

At Samvaad, we offer ABA Therapy, a proven treatment approach for children with Autism..

Speech-language Therapy (SLT)

It is a treatment for children and adults who have stammering, misarticulation, voice problems, or other communication problems.

Auditory verbal Therapy (AVT)

This is an intensive listening skill development program for children and adults with cochlear implants.

Nutrition Program for Children with Autism & ADHD

changes in the diet have been proven effective in improving attention and learning.

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Here are some of the stories of our clients

Child with Autism

Child with hearing impairment

Child with Misarticulation

Treating children with language impairment

Treating children with cerebral palsy

"We would like to express our gratitude towards Samvaad and our therapist, Deepthi. It's a strongly recommended program at Samvaad for other parents who face similar challenges."

"What's truly remarkable is that my child's stuttering problem reduced by 80% in a month, and in a couple of months, he was able to speak fluently and went up to his therapist to tell her how he is now fluent like others and can speak so smoothly."

"Overall it has been such a productive journey for the both of us. Today, my daughter, Mia, is a confident young girl and that's because of all the guidance she got at Samvaad. The hard work and perseverance of the fantastic therapist made us hopeful for the future. "

Gotham Vishwakumar
Sneha Singh
Preeti Chopra

20 Years of experienced and
professional therapy services

  • The first centre to provide ABA Therapy in India
  • Parents actively involved in all sessions
  • Parents training provided
  • Monthly progress/plan shared
  • Multi centres in Bangalore
  • Online Sessions

With communication problems, it's not a one-time engagement but a long journey of consistent effort and training. We believe in supporting our clients and parents every step of the way.

Achievements and Recognition Awards

Times Emerging Icon In Healthcare, Year 2019
The US Meritorious Award, Year 2016
First ABA conference in India, Year 2008
Rotary Community Award, Year 2019

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